About CV. Mega Karya

CV. MEGA KARYA is a charcoal briquette factory located in Yogyakarta. This factory is one of the Charcoal Briquette factories which is still active in exporting Coconut Charcoal Briquettes to various countries in the world.

CV. MEGA KARYA has two production facilities located in Bokoharjo, Kec. Prambanan, Kab. Sleman, which has a total area of 2,589 square meters.

Why Us

Experienced for the Industry

CV. MEGA KARYA has more than 80 active workers who always prioritize and maintain production quality in order to make the best Charcoal Briquettes for consumers.

With a production capacity of 140 tons, CV. MEGA KARYA can fill up to 7 40 ft containers per month. The main markets for exported charcoal briquettes are Europe, North America, the Middle East and South America.